ZROC - The Z Car and Roadster Owners' Club

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Join Us

Come join us to mingle and drive with a group of enthusiasts who understand how much you love your car. Also enjoy part discounts and a subscription to Nissan Sport Magazine.



Being a member of ZROC means being part of one of the most active Z clubs in America. With at least one event every month of the driving season you'll always be able to satisfy your need to drive some beautiful country roads and talk with those who share your passion.



Roadsters are part of our name so don't hesitate to bring out the car that started it all! While there aren't many roadsters around we have a very knowledgeable roadster member-base.


Not just Zs

Not only do we honor the cars that started it all, but we also welcome any car that shares a similar heritage to the Z. Whether it be a GT-R, a 510, or a G35 feel free to come join us!


The Arthritis Show

Come out to one of our favorite events! Polish up your car and come soak up the sun while looking at gorgeous cars (Zs and anything else you can imagine). Be sure to pre-register so they give us enough spaces this year!



If you have any questions feel free to send an email to any of the board members who you feel can answer your question best, or just come out to an event and talk to us in person!


Current News

New Website

ZROC.org is transitioning to a new website.  This new platform will make it easier for us to keep the content up to date.  It is also more mobile-friendly.  Click here to see it.


Join our Facebook group

For the most up to date listing of club activities join our Facebook group and visit the events page.

Spring is here...

Spring is here, but the weather is not cooperating.  We are all looking forward to some warm weather to get out and drive our Zs, Roadsters and other Nissan performance cars.  Check out the event schedule and mark your calendar.  Warm weather has to arrive sometime.


Upcoming Events

No current events.